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Shiatsu treatments

A shiatsu treatment takes one hour. In this hour both diagnose and treatment will take place. The treatment takes place on a “futon” (a Japanes matress).

Consultation is by appointment and the costs are € 70,-

Most health ensurers in The Netherlands reimburse invoices for Shiatsu treatment.
Check your health insurance policy to see if these provisions apply to you.

For a shiatsu treatment it is best to wear loose fitting clothes, preferably cotton, and leave all jewellery off. Do not eat a full meal in advance and make sure that there is time for relaxation afterwards.

The shiatsu practisioner gives pressure with fingers, hands, elbows, knees or feet, but also makes mobilisations to the joints and stretches the body when needed.

The treatment takes place in a relaxing and quiet way so the body can relax totally.
After the treatment one will feel heavy and relaxed.

Shiatsu helps your body (and thus the mind) to recognise the path to relaxation.
It helps to relieve stress and tension, improving vitality and health and strengthening body, mind and spirit.